[Re-ask] How can I edit [Map/Array] variables using Construct, but also have them editable in Details panel?

I have a serious block. “Construct” (Construction script) can alter Map/Array variables, but the change does not show in the Blueprint Editor > Actor BP’s > Details panel.

  1. How can I alter a Map/Array > live in Blueprint Editor (not World view), by using Construct or [pre Construct trigger/button] - so that I can also access/alter the variable (Array index) in the Details panel?
  • A. Specifically, I need the User to be able to [run my Construct] then dropbox edit the different indexes (of a DataTable Row Handle ARRAY) > so they can make their choice > to then run my Construct part 2 (and customize visible parts).

  • B. Each DT ROW represents/pairs with an SK mesh that User manually adds, and thats the only manual work that I want the User to do. (Meaning I only want User to connect SK mesh pins > then my code creates the paired DT variable per part > formed into an Array of all parts > for further processing.)

  • C. And I don’t want to have to split the Array into 10 individual Single variables [that we need to manually add in the CharBP] (of DT Row handle) - because a different type of Character might need 20 = too tedious esp during development changes.

  • Is #1 possible in UE4.27 or 5x? Thank you.

Pic 1 shows my Construct code:
I only want the User to connect pins at the Green box, so that my code auto pairs/sets the variables in the Yellow box.

Pic 2 shows Output log = proves that the Construct script is altering the Maps/Arrays.

But Pic 3 shows a UE4.27 bug or limitation?:
the Array (edited by Construct to have 4 indexes) - shows that it has 0 > at the Details panel. I need to be able to edit the Array indexes after my Construct script alters them.

Old question: discovered that Construct does alter Map/Array vars, but doesnt show the update in Details panel. (Back then I didnt need to use the Map, now I do.)