Remapping the default UI navigation keys

Not quite sure if this is an easy task. In my Widgets, I am able to move around the buttons using the keys on my keyboard (Up, down, left, right arrows), now, to press on a button, you can do so by pressing enter or spacebar. However, the spacebar is connected to another action and I cannot have it activate the press of that button. This is however automatically there at default, is there a particular way to remap which keys can do what in your UI navigation?

This could also make WASD navigation between buttons possible or pressing Y on a gamepad to activate a button instead of A and so on.

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I haven’t found a way to do it since, but for my particular problem, I just disabled the input on another function that would usually be activated. It would still be useful to know how to remap these though!

I have a similar problem. Is there a way to modify default widget navigation system?

Yap, I still has same problem in 2023