[RELEASED] [SUPPORT] Medieval Buildings Volume 1

Please ask support questions in this thread.

**Marketplace link: **…ildings-volume


Version 2 released 9/9/2020.

It features:

  • Improved meshes and textures
  • Additional buildings (Viking/Norse)
  • Additional customization options per building
  • Additional props


How to add interactivity to the buildings in your own level/map**

Add the “Player Interface” interface to your character’s blueprint and copy the interaction nodes (Line Trace By Channel etc) from my FirstPersonCharacter blueprint to your character’s blueprint. Details on to do this:

  1. Open your Player Character blueprint whatever it is called (e.g. FirstPersonCharacter or ThirdPersonCharacter if you are using one of the built in ones) .
  2. Then click on the Class Settings button at the top.
  3. Then in the right-hand panel, in the section called “Interfaces” click the Add button and type “Player Interface”. “Player Interface” should appear, so click on it.
  4. Open the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint that I provided and copy the nodes at the top of the Event Graph, labelled Object Interaction Event etc, to your own FirstPersonCharacter blueprint. You can copy them by dragging a rectangular selection around them and pressing CTRL-C to copy then inside your character blueprint Event Graph press CTRL-V. Include the nodes just outside the comment frame too when you copy and paste.
  5. Right-click on the “Debug” Boolean variable node and select “Create variable Debug”.
  6. Click Compile and Save

How to fix the candles not reacting to the E key

Add some collision to mesh *SM_MH_Candle_A_SM_MH_Candle_A_low. *Details on how to do this:

  1. Open up static mesh SM_MH_Candle_A_SM_MH_Candle_A_low to see its properties.
  2. Then click on the Collision menu at the top then click Add Sphere Simplified Collision then click Save.

Kia ora

Sorry if I seem up tight / angry

I brought this, it’s a great looking asset, it a shame you only took the time to make a first person character and didn’t bother to use the default third person to do a character with that for learners to work from I use Quang Phan’s characters, great work all the same, I just feel like most really good artist, the doc’s and tutorials let their work down IMHO step by steps go a long way for the learners that by to learn.

I followed the instructions to the letter BUT I spotted a first person camera and replaced that with my follow camera (not sure I was spose to nothing is said about third person), it compiled but doesn’t to open doors, nothing is said about keybindings or the likes so I’m feeling like theres so much info missing. I do understand some UE4 knowledge is required, BUT there is so may ways to reach the same goal in UE4 making us mind readers is not really helpful

Hi Kiwi-Hawk I’ll try to get it to work with a new Third Person Project and let you know what steps are needed to get it working.

Here are instructions on how to get it working with a new project based on the Third Person Character template. How to get it working with a Third Person Character-based Project

I think all you will need to do is step 8.

Please let me know how you get on.

Best regards,

Kia ora

No luck, no not matter either way, if I use the Human_Base Gamemode or the First_Person game mode, not sure if it’s because I’m trying to use these characters fron Quand Phan, ALL his character are now interchangable so getting the base human working mean’s ALL his characters will work

Kia ora, i wonder if the LineTraceByChannel node is even firing. I recommend that you change the option on this node, labelled Draw Debug Type to the value of Persistent. Then when you play the game and press the E key you should see red lines coming out of your character and hitting the door. If not then I think there could already be an event node somewhere that is consuming the E key being pressed and therefore stopping the event node that is connected to the LineTraceByChannel node from firing. You can change Event nodes so that they don’t consume the keyboard input, so that you can have multiple event nodes processing the press of a single key on the keyboard. To do this click on the Event node and in the Details panel untick Consume Input.

Your key mappings are in the Project Settings under the input section. Any blueprint could potentially have an event to process the E key.

Kia ora mate

I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, I started a new project with Advance locomotion System and added you asset and got it working fine, went back to the old project nad messed about double
checked setting and it’s working now too, maybebe one of those can’t see the forest for the tree’s lol, the ones where you just need to walk away for a bit. I had a thought. YUou know that wee hand system that pop when you CTRL click a node to unplug or move it? if there was somit like that that only showed very lightly almost faded out when the mouse was over the active area I think might be nice, no idea yet how to do that. Being able to use the bed’s would be choice too. I still want to learn how this stuff is done so I can use it on other building assets. thank you for a great asset and weathering my ole bad templer lol. sorry to be such a pain.

Kia ora , glad you got it sorted mate. That happens to me too. I have found that sleeping on the problem can make the solution appear the next day (or after a few days).

Interactivity with the beds is easy to setup. Here is a document on how to do it mate: How to add interactivity to the beds - Google Docs

I guess you would like to make it do something like opening a “Choose your Rest Duration” window when interacting with the bed , that displays the text message “How many hours would you like to rest?” and has a number chooser in a box or a slider. Or even better, have your character actually lie down on the bed but that’s probably overkill.

Have you used the UMG user interface feature of UE4 yet? I’m currently learning about it myself.

Here are some good tutorials for getting to know blueprints:

Its better to learn to use blueprint basics before getting into UMG user interface stuff.

You can do it!


Thanks a heap for you help Sir.
As to sugestions for upgrade’s etc having some setction so we could build structures like this would be great, Dropbox - Screenshot_52.png - Simplify your life
for example very few assets have roof sections that allow one to build corners or extentions off at any point along a building or small bay window area’s like some of the Medieval buildings. While I did try and got some done as an old bloke and never modeled before I don’t have the skill to make things modular to make them of more use Dropbox - Screenshot_57.png - Simplify your life people don’t want single use assets now days

Kia ora
Again,… I’m having a wee issue, (not biggy but thought I’d mention it) could be and probley is me lol. I built a wee house two SM_MPH_Frame_C long, wanted to use a SM_MPH_Frame_B style wall for the doorway/window BUT the SM_MPH_Frame_B or SM_MPH_Frame_B_Alt_A don’t match in size, height length of two SM_MPH_Frame_C’s yep I can scale them a little to suit but then I have to scale doors etc, you have a window but no doorway made from the SM_MPH_Frame_C panel, would be nice as an option

Kia ora Kiwi-Hawk,

No problem m8, I will create you the required static mesh and post the download link here later today. Please check back in a few hours time (after the timestamp of this post).

best regards,

I have created a new static mesh called SM_MPH_Frame_B_alt_A which you can download from the link below as an fbx then drag it into your Content Browser. If you get a prompt about material conflict, just click the button called Reset to FBX.

Static Mesh Download Link:…uV_waXVAVWssGt

Screenshot of what it looks like:…NYTuoJNgGsGFkx

There is a vertical wooden post going down the middle between the windows and the doorway. I’m not sure if you’re happy with that. Let me know if you would like it removed. Its a part of the archway frame SM_MPH_Frame_G but I personally think it looks ok as is.

If you need any further tweaks don’t hesitate to give me a shout mate.

How’s your game coming along anyway?

best regards

Worked like a chame thank you so much, I imported it as SM_MPH_Frame_B_alt_B, the file name isSM_MPH_Frame_B_alt_A so I changed it and just used the exciting materials deleting the two that came with it. I tried dropping one of the door BP into the doorway but there more to UMG than drag and drop it seems, best start doing some research and leraning

At this point not sure it’s able to be called a game, I’m just an ole retired bloke trying to make me a large Skyrim, Witcher 3 style world to roam about in

How far have you got so far? I find it to be a fascinating process. One day I’d like to create a game too but as long as I have to go to work I dont see that happening. I saw your pic on the Unity forum years ago. You must be retired and have all the time in the world now. Something I look forward to.

Fixed roughness texture for SM_Shield_A static mesh: T_Shield_A_Roughness.jpg - Google Drive

Screenshot: fixed_shielda_roughness_texture.png - Google Drive

I created some new meshes, textures and formed a large L-shaped peasants house for the first free update of this content package.

More to come soon including viking houses.

Progress update

I created a thicker thatched roof at a 45 degree angle, added horizontal beams below the roof to close the gap between the thatch and the top of the walls, and improved the vertex paint on the walls (wattle and daub) for the Large Peasants House A. Screenshots are available at the below link.

Progress Update

After being distracted by preparing a UE4.22.3 version of the RPG User Interface Kit for a while I’ve now managed to add new customisation options (new static meshes and Construction Script code) to the BP_Merchants_House_A (now renamed to BP_Merchants_House_Half_Timber_A).

The blueprint now comes with multiple customisation options including removing the undercroft at the click of the button, adding a 2-storey side extension, changing the front upper mesh to one of 8 possible choices, 1 of 6 front lower meshes, 1 of 4 front doors, and color tinting options for all wooden beams, all wattle and daub panels and the front door.

Screenshots here:

I’ll work on improving the BP_Merchants_House_B next. I’ll give it the same range of customisation options as the above one. Polishing of all assets will come last.

Progress Update

After being distracted by Dark Age of Camelot every bloody day (Phoenix freeshard) I’ve finally made some progress with the full timber house improvements. Now its sitting on a short stone wall, has new front door steps and has the same customisation options for the colors and front facing wood framing and window styles as the merchant house in the previous post. Polishing is still yet to be done. The screenshots of the rooms inside the house are of the side extension area. See if you can spot the missing roof beams (rafters).