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Asset list:

Casual Girl](Casual Girl in Characters - UE Marketplace)
Subculture Girl](Subculture Girl in Characters - UE Marketplace)
Swimwear Pack Casual Girl](Swimwear Pack Casual Girl in Characters - UE Marketplace)
Casual Guy](Casual Guy in Characters - UE Marketplace)
Subculture Guy](Subculture Guy in Characters - UE Marketplace)

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I will support this topic.

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    1. Breast physics in female characters is not included in the asset. Regarding Marketplace guideline…guidelines#11d However, the skeleton has two bones for the breasts and you can customize it yourself. In the near future I will add a mini tutorial on how to set it up.
    2. Setting up dynamic Hairstyle. Check out all of these points. Without them, it won’t work. Pay attention to the parent socket that will inherit the socket_head. This bone also aligns the hairstyle with local axes coordinates:…87bd8c0643.png

  1. Synchronization SK components with the master component. Take a look at the example in the screenshot below:…991fd4907b.png

***** Important! The Skeleton Mesh component of the hairstyle cannot be synchronized with the Master one. Since it is already synchronized with the socket_head joint

  1. Problems with the P****enetration of the body with clothing. You cannot put clothes on the naked body. Since the skeletal mesh has a small number of polygons and a characteristic topology, this can cause penetrations between the mesh. To avoid penetration, I recommend using separate parts of the body.](filedata/fetch?id=1735601&d=1584886629)
  2. With a flexible material settings system, you can add and edit your patterns. Patterns can be seamless and simple pictures, for example, for symbols on t-shirts.

Hello! I originally asked this on casual girl swimsuit pack, as per your request I am re-asking here.

I need the upper body torso without head or legs, for the casual girl to allow the situation of wearing pants and no shirt.


Forum posts appeared very late. I apologize.
Today I will prepare this torso for you.

  1. Download archive with files.
    Extra FBX.ZIP - Google Drive

  2. Export the Skeletal Mesh torso to \ Game \ CasualGirl \ Mesh \ Skin_Body \ Body_Parts_Base
    Pay attention to the export settings in the screenshot below. It is important.

Next, simply assign materials to this asset.

  1. As an addition, update the skeletal bust meshes. If you have problems with the skin weights
    If there are no problems do not do it.

Right button>reimport>source file …

all three pieces in turn


And this should work without any problems.
If you have any questions feel free to write.

Worked perfectly thank you so much!

I’m sorry but now I have the reverse issue with Causal Guy. Casual Girl has one SK_Lower_Body_01 that is the lower half, and the Casual Guy is missing anything to fill out the upper legs unless it’s full body piece. Is it possible to get a Casual Guy body part similar to SK_Lower_Body_01? Thank you very much!

I understood your request. I will try to do it today or tomorrow morning.

No rush, and again, thank you :slight_smile:

You can download the lower body:

Import settings are the same as for the girl.

Thank you thank you these will be very useful!

I found your girl can chatter eyes in Casual Girl Demo ( but in my map of ThirdPersonExampleMap can’t, may I know how to do this effect?


The character blinks through the morph target.
Open the skeletal meshes of the bust or body and you can see the parameters of the morph targets including blinks.
Animating morph targets can be done in several ways.

  1. With animation curves
    Anim Curves | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Blueprints:
    Set Morph Target | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks for your detail instructions.

I’m really interested in purchasing the Casual Guy and Casual Girl asset packs but I was wondering if the Non-Triangulated asset files are included in the pack or if there would be another marketplace that I would be able to get them.

The source is not included in the asset.
The volume of assets of these projects is huge and it will take a very long time to organize their sale.
I don’t have any free time yet.

First of all, I just want to say that you did a really impressive job with this asset!

I bought the Subculture Guy asset, and the skeleton in these models has some extra bones that aren’t in the Epic skeleton:


I know this is a big ask, but would it be possible to get versions of the meshes with those bones removed? I have a large number of animations in my project with lots of animation curves and anim notifies, etc. I have multiple characters that use the same skeleton, and so it’s not feasible for me to retarget animations to use your asset. That would mean having duplicate animations just for this skeleton, and having to edit curves and anim notifies, etc multiple times in different locations for each animation.

If, however, the above bones could be removed, then I would be able to simply assign my skeleton (which is based on the Epic skeleton) to the meshes in your asset. Currently, if I try to assign an Epic skeleton with complex animations associated with it, Unreal crashes because of the extra bones.

Thank you so much if you can help. If you can’t, I understand.

You have to understand that for this purpose I need to create a completely new asset.
All skeletal mesh assets must be re-exported and replaced. It will take a lot of time which I do not have.

I can give you advice.

  • Export each skeletal mesh to a 3D application such as Maya, Blender, etc.
  • Next, remove these bones with fix some skin weight.
  • Then export as a new skeletal mesh with new name ie Skeletal mesh ie SK_Body_Master_02
  • Next delete the old skeletal mesh(SK_Body_Master) with Replace References option to new one (SK_Body_Master_02)
    So you have to do with every skeletal mesh. Also remember about socket_head.
    This bone responsible for hairstyles and removing this bone you cannot set hairstyles.
    For this you can create your own socket.

This should solve your problem.

I really like the asset so far, I can make it work with the SkinBody meshes. But I don’t know how to make it work with the separate pieces… This is how it looks:

I copied this from the BP you provided:


I never worked with meshes in separate parts so any help would be appreciated, or if you know any tutorials that will help. I’m trying to add the separate meshes to an existing character BP. Thank you

Did you check the Transform of your SkeletonMeshes? They have to be 0

That worked, thank you!

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