[RELEASED] 55 Architectural Textures


I have great news – my collection of textures is finally at Unreal Marketplace.
You’re welcome to leave your comments, ask any questions or report problems in this topic.
I’m always be online to answer your questions as soon as possible. GALLERY:


Tessellation works fine only with subdivided meshes. If you assign a shader with tessellation on a cube with 6 polygons, the tessellation doesn’t works fine.

  1. I applied the material to the static mesh, but the tessellation is low. What should I do?
    Answer: Open the shader. Select this multiplier (see the screenshot) and increase its level.
    The higher it is, the stronger the tessellation is.

  1. I applied the material to the static mesh, the tessellation is OK, but the grid density seems to be low. What should I do?
    Answer: It depends on the model, to which the shader is applied. In some cases it’s necessary to increase the grid density. You may do it with the shader. Open the shader. Create the new multiplier and connect it to the parameter “Tessellation multiplier”. You may set the parameters in the canals A and B at 2(or higher). The grid will be much more detailed then.

150$ or 173€, I think it’s the most expensive pack in the marketplace :wink: For only 2048x2048 textures this is a bit too much I think…

Here is two close screenshots:

And how it works on the flat fields:

I work hard :cool:

For curiosity sakes, where these hand painted (like with Photoshop) or based off photos?

Just a general note to everyone. This is and not

If you do a Google Image Search at 2K+ you will find most of these but some of them may have been photographed by the author.

Yes, you’re right, and are different websites. I talked to Tanner Kalstrom, the owner of, and he said he doesn’t consider my website as his direct competition, as we use different models of distributing textures. I sell textures per item, while Tanner sells monthly subscription. He also said, there’s no problem our websites have similar names.
What about my forum’s nickname, it really may be confusing. I’ll ask administration to change it for CrazyTextures.

I received several complaints about the price of my collection being exorbitant. So I’d like to describe in detail my creative process for one texture and show, how much time it really takes.

  1. I take photos of the material. As a rule, I take lots of photos of the same place to capture the most precise texture. I take photos when the weather is cloudy to minimize rough shades.

  1. I make a tiled diffuse map in Photoshop and check how it looks when multiply repeated.

  1. Using the diffuse map I make a 3D model in 3D max.

  1. I bake a normal map and a height map. These maps I’d call basic. It’s not the final result, but just a rough piece that ensures a future texture would have regular form.

  1. Using the diffuse map I generate lots of variations for the normal and height maps in Crazybump. Some of them would be used to make detailed stone joints, others – to create the general texture.

  1. Using masks I mix the basic maps with variations, so that the final result looks as good as possible.

Final result:

Thus, creating one texture takes from 1 to 4 weeks depending on its complexity. Exceptionally complicated textures (like stones 09, for instance), take more than a month, as I model each stone on the photo. So, on average creating one texture takes 2 weeks, and to create 38 textures I spent 76 weeks, or 19 months, or 1.5 year. A year and a half of 8-hour-a-day work. That’s the time you save buying my collection of textures.




The quality is nice, but I dont think I’d ever pay that amount of money for it.
Its value is not the amount of time or efford you as a creator put into it, but the value your costumer thinks your product has.
Yes you spend a sickton amount of time on this, but looking at the value and whats available online… I think you should see if you can either optimise your workflow or spend your valueble time on something more… well… valueble.
And I do suggest to drop the price for more sales.
(not saying anything about the quality of your work though, it def. shows)
But since I dont feel like being part of yet another “omg overpriced” conversation I want to talk about something else.

why arent your specular, roughness and displacement maps not in one texture applied to the RG and B layers?
that would save users some valueble memory.

R - specular, G - Roughness, B - Occlusion, ALFA - Height map. Don’t look at the screenshots on the top of my thread. They are from my test scene, where all maps is independent.

Cool cave pack!

That rock-field one looks pretty awesome. As for the price, if it sells it sells :slight_smile: Once the developer dashboard is done, it’ll help things immensely, as you’ll be able to determine whether anyone’s buying at a particular price.

Great looking textures, congratulations. We may be looking to get these but I noticed the price has risen $30 dollars since this thread was started! **** inflation :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also an artist so I understand you worked hard on these materials. However, you must understand that you are not selling for one or two people. Game developers spend a ton amount of time and money on their games but the pricing is always <$100 because their target customers are everyone, not rich people only. You’re selling these materials for everyone, not studios so that the price must be reasonable. I’m pretty sure your sale will increase if you make an affordable price. I love your materials so I spend time to write this suggestion :slight_smile: Good luck!

p/s: Is it possible to change the color of your material?

Sorry for delay with answer. The color can be changed only on source maps.

Frankly I think the textures look great & once the next paycheck rolls in I’ll be picking up this pack because it makes sense for me to have a good library of high quality materials in store for arch viz. The question isn’t price, but investment. Sure, these aren’t the cheapest, but it’s the same reason people pay a pretty penny for speedtrees; they are an investment that in time can pay for itself. Might not work for everyone, but I’d rather invest something in a good quality product I know someone has spent time on.

Im intrested in a few… but not for ****ing 150$ O.o this is extreme.

Definitely not the time we “save” on buying it. Don’t want to be too negative but most people’s workflow is way more effective and doesn’t mean they have to spend 1.5 years for a few materials. The quality is decent but does not justify that kind of time spent on making them, or the price for that matter. I think you would be way better off finding a better workflow and also lowering your price. I’m not the target audience though so I might be wrong, since I make all our art stuff and would never consider buying materials as I don’t want to see the same stuff being used in other games. Good luck though :slight_smile:

Also, I think it’s a bit sketchy to run a website with almost the same name and also very similar color scheme as a competitor, that’s just bad business practice and does not come off as serious or trustworthy at all.

Yes, you’re right, and are different websites. I talked to Tanner Kalstrom, the owner of, and he said he doesn’t consider my website as his direct competition, as we use different models of distributing textures. I sell textures per item, while Tanner sells monthly subscription. He also said, there’s no problem our websites have similar names.