Released 4.18 UE4 apps on Steam VR stay running after exit


I work in the UE4. My VR app on Steam VR stay running after exit (HTC Vive, Win 10, UE4 4.18). I found similar cases on the internet but without a response.
Do you have any information about it?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start app from Steam VR home
  2. start are ok, app works fine.
  3. exit from VR app. Vive controller - System button go to ,Steam VR, select Close App.
  4. App still try closing, still running in backgroud.
  5. New app do not run yet, they’re still waiting to finish closing previous app.
  6. The only solution, restart Steam VR

It can be.

  1. My bad setting in UE4
  2. UE4 bug
  3. Steam VR bug
  4. Windows bug

Anyone have similar experience?


I am also experiencing this issue, is there a fix in the newer versions of UE4 perhaps? Or a stopgap that anyone else has come across?

After doing some finagling I have argued it down to a bug specific to Steam VR running with the HTC Vive headset.

I know it needs to be the HTC Vive because the Oculus Rift does not experience this bug, even if running the title through Steam VR & Steam. Not sure who the golf-clap belongs to here, you decide.

If you close Steam VR while experiencing this bug, the default behavior for Steam will correctly detect there is no app still running, allowing you to relaunch the title. Though there is a better solution, discovered below.

Hopefully an involved party (Valve, HTC, or Epic) can solve this before I can… wouldn’t that be nice?

Sleuthing has yielded success!
This undesired behavior ONLY occurs when Steam VR is launched as a result of launching the title. The running process of Steam VR, as launched from the title, will count as the title until closed.
FOR BEST RESULTS: launch Steam VR before the title.
I will be searching for an automatic solution (that doesn’t involve killing the Steam VR process) if possible, but the people should know.

Initially I thought this was a UE4 specific issue, but it appears to be a problem right down to the core of OpenVR. I could be wrong, but it looks like VR_Init launches the SteamVR app somewhere in its code. I have created a thread on Steam’s forum looking for help from the developers there, as they will likely be the ones with the magic on on this bug.…2385658996090/

Hopefully we can solve this and everyone can play games happily with their friends!