Release a SceneCaptureComponent2D from GPU memory

Hello everyone,
As the title suggests: As soon as I initialize a scene capture’s texture target to a render target (be it persistent from the content browser or created via script) that has a size of 4K (I believe it’s also the case with small sizes, just not noticeable) it consumes a huge amount of VRAM. I can understand it’s normal to take up to 3GB of VRAM for a 4K render target, but one would think it would release the resource as soon as I stop PIE (which is not the case here).

I’ve tried setting the texture target to null, also using the releaseRenderTargetFromMemory function call with no avail, using a mem report shows the render target object instance was deleted, but not the memory that’s now residing in RHI stats.

Does anyone have a clue if this has a plausible solution? is this a bug with the engine?

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