Relating to licensing for non-linear use

Hi, the legal department at the company i’m producing content for are requesting clarification on the subject of your licensing setup. I’m producing a system which basically renders statistics from an online poll which will be used in a live TV gameshow. The ‘viewers’ won’t be using any technology powered by UE4 on their phones/home computers, the polling is all done with a HTML page or similar - my software simply builds 4 towers made of blocks which represent the percentages of the voting audience. This will be shown on a screen in the studio.

I was previously told that we were ‘good to go’, but it was a bit of an over-simple response for our legal person!

Could you please clarify that in this case we’re good to go under your non-linear entertainment licensing arrangement.

This from your EULA was of concern…

Revenue from a Product which solely relies on the Licensed Technology for production of non-interactive linear media (.e.g., broadcast or streamed video files, cartoons, or movies) and which is Distributed in a form that does not contain the Licensed Technology or, in order to deliver, rely on servers running the Licensed Technology;

But i imagine this relates to cloud gaming/streaming?

Thanks in advance,

Dan Shirley

You’re good to go.

Did it work this time?


You really are though. As you’ve described it, your show is linear non-interactive. Yes people call in or separately send in votes, but that’s not what we mean by interactive. There are no direct user inputs into the engine which change what they are seeing. And the program is being delivered to viewers in a linear form, and not in a way that relies on the engine running while they are viewing it. This is royalty free use under the EULA.

Thank you very very much, Canon for the solid support you all give at Epic.