Reimport skeletal mesh fbx

I am trying to reimport a character skeletal mesh. It’s a fbx file exported from blender, tried 2.71 and 2.69 same result. I get this output in the log

LogFbx:Error: Call to FbxImporter::Initialize() failed.

LogFbx:Warning: Error returned: Unexpected file type

LogEditorFactories:Warning: – import failed

If I try to import the same file (as in a new skel mesh) it works fine but again if I try to reimport that newly imported file, it fails. The paths to the source are good, also tried to manually reset the path, no success. Tried running in admin, same result.

Reimporting a static fbx mesh works fine…Dont know what the problem is.

im on 4.4.3, thanks in advance.

ah… apparently I missed one of the …/ in the path field of the skeletal mesh. sorry about that, it seems to be related to this bug

Im not sure if its been fixed or not. anyhow putting my project in the C path is not an option, I don’t know why anyone would do that.