Regarding waterfall materials

So i’ve got a pretty good waterfall material, its refractive, looks pretty real EXCEPT the speed is constant, I’d like it to speed up towards the end of the fall…How do I do that? Do I use the material or the plane. Ive sen ways to do it using Modeling programs, but I really dont want to do it that way because I dont know how to import animations and textures into unreal yet…
Any options for how to do this?

Also, what is a behavior tree and could this help?

A Behavior tree has nothing to do with this. A Behavior tree is used to program an AI behavior, how he acts, move, and interact.

A Quick trick for your waterfall would be to make your UVs stretched at the bottom of the waterfall, which will make your moving image take more time to move at the bottom, however this might generate some distortion in the texture, which depending on your material it may or may not be noticeable.

@Night Watcher
Thanks, so yeah Im probably just gonna dupe the material since its tiling on my new plane anyways, but essentially dont use UVs to actually texture it, just adjust it so its stretched?
Also how do i know if my material will tile>