Refresh rate and collision

Is collision affected by refresh rate? I am not getting some collisions where I expect them, I am guessing because the motion is too fast. I am using Oculus 1 so I think refresh rate is 60 if I’m not mistaken.

It is. You can turn on physics sub-stepping to have it run additional physics steps between the frames on lower frame rates.

If you are missing collisions on fast moving things like hands, you can also turn on CCD, or continuous collision detection on the affected objects, so it sweeps them properly between the physics steps.

Didn’t know about either of those things, thanks. But I can’t find that setting (CCD), either on the main mesh (just a sphere) or the blueprint that uses it. I’m using 4.25

It’s an advanced option under collision on the static mesh or collider object. You gotta unfold the ‘advanced’ arrow in the details panel to see it.

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Ok got it, thanks!