Refraction with Opacity Mask?


I’m pretty new with unreal as I’ve only started using it this year for my university course.

I’m creating a sentry gun, who’s body is made partially of glass with a hexagonal normal map on it. There’s also a normal map on the rest of the mesh.

The problem I’m having is that if I set the material to translucent, I can get the refraction I want on the glass but the rest of the mesh comes out a block colour with no details/lighting.

On the other hand I can set the material to masked, and I can get the lighting and normals right on the mesh, but the glass is completely see-through as if it wasn’t there.

I was wondering if there was a way to somehow get the refraction on the glass while keeping the detail on the rest of the mesh.

I’ve posted screenshots, the first two being the translucent option, and the second two being masked. Sorry if the layout of the material is messy.

The roughness and albedo values obviously have to be adjusted, I just wanted to get this problem sorted first.