Refraction VS Reflection?

I’ve searched about this, in some solved problems& discussions, many said that these two would conflict, is that true? If so, how should I make these two get along? I’m trying to make a reversed reflection, but the refraction seemed to interfere with the result, and resulted in an observe reflection.

I’m not sure the result that you’re going for, but I don’t see why refraction and reflection would interfere with each other, glass uses both.

Yeah, they shouldnt conflict. Refraction itself can cause some ghosting artifacts depending on its intensity sometimes but you can tune it down with Refraction Depth Bias value in Details panel.

But when I looked at my material surface in Reflection Mode, there seemed to be only refraction part, and I’ve dugged up some old answer hub archive, that one answer said that the way Refraction work is to take in Reflection and distort it. I thought these two would related.

Can you post some screenshots of your material and the effect you are seeing so that we see if anything is wrong?

Sorry about being late, I’ve been busy studying (and also playing) lately and forget about this problem.
Here is what I’m trying to achieve, I’m trying to make Reflection with Refraction retained.

The Reflection has to be inverted Reflection, like what we would see in a lake or other water surface.

Here is my effect, notice that the Refraction part isn’t quite right, and it is very like a Reflection effect that initially I didn’t notice that it isn’t Reflection, until notified by friends.
View it in Reflection mode.

The original material, using Translucent Blend mode, Default Lit, and TLM Surface as suggested by some articles about Reflection & Refraction. The Base Color / Normal / World Position Offset is like in the famous video about making water, Interior Water, but I believe it isn’t important:

What I was planning to resolve this problem is to use the Render Target as like in the Content Example:

Problem is, I can’t figure out how they did it. In my mesh’s Detail Panel, I can’t find the properties like in the Content Example, there isn’t so many properties in Rendering part, not to say the Render Target property…Where did they open up the property?

I have the same problem. The reflection is weirdly refracted and unmirrored. In the following image I put a flat normal (0,0,1) to emphasize the problem with refraction, roughness of the surface is about 0.1. The surface is just a transparent surface with the surface flag on in the transparency settings on.


The problem hasn’t solved yet, but there is more. That is, when to look out from underwater. As everyone can see, the refraction has the same problem.
I don’t know if this is a problem of Unreal 4 or how I made my material. And if it’s the problem of Unreal 4, is it solved in new version, or will be solved in future version? I was using 4.31 and hadn’t changed for a few months.