Refraction just stopped working.

So i am working on a project in UE4 and i have some nice glass and water in the environment which i tweaked to look exactly how i like it with refraction working perfectly. I go through the map and make a few changes here and there then as I’m working, after one of the lighting builds i notice that the refraction is no longer working, it’s just using basic transparency.

At first i thought i maybe messed with the material but i didn’t so i decided to load another map which has refractive translucency and that wasn’t working anymore either so i decided to load an entirely different project and version of the engine and yet again all of the translucency was basic - At this point i decided to reinstall my graphics drivers which didn’t fix the problem either.

I have no idea what happened but it almost seams like the engine reverted to some sort of ‘safe mode’ or to a lower DX level, it’s very strange.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I was able to fix it!

For anyone else who has the same issue - I deleted the Users/UserName/AppData/Loacal/UnrealEngine folder, most likely a shader cache problem since the engine rebuilt all of the shaders once i reloaded it after deleting the folder.

Just to add to this, ive run into several instances where this has helped. I never posted regarding this, but thought it was likely just me doing something stupid. Glad to hear that might not be the case!

The Shader caching is always prune to corruption. Just remember to flush it in case of visual errors that should be working but dont. Cache will regenerate on compilation.

Neat! Good to know.