Reflejos Dinamicos Para Autos / Car dynamic reflections whitout RayTracing

ES: Si jugaste Assetto Corsa Competizione, hecho en UE4 habras visto que los reflejos en los autos eran dinamicos, es mas, parecia que reflejaban un mapa aparte con las cosas que unicamente reflejara, esto no solo lo vi en Assetto Corsa, en otros juegos muchos mas antiguos tambien…

Mi pregunta: Como se podria hacer reflejos dinamicos perfectos sin raytracing?
se podria hacer que refleje un mapa hecho aparte para los reflejos en determinada coordenada?
si saben algo avisenme por favor, gracias.

EN: If you played Assetto Corsa Competizione, made in UE4, you would have seen that the reflections in the cars were dynamic, moreover, they seemed to reflect a separate map with the things that only reflected, this I not only saw in Assetto Corsa, in other games many more old too …

My question: How could perfect dynamic reflexes be made without raytracing?
Could it be done to reflect a map made separately for reflections in a certain coordinate?
If you know anything please let me know, thanks.

Hello DarkSlayer,

This is normally done with quite an old technique: Rendering a Cubemap dynamically and use it as Reflection for the Car.
Since this means to render a second complete image with an even higher FOV then the players view, this can get quite Preformance hungry. That means a lot of optimizations need to be done, like only render certain actors, dont render expensive Effects and so on.
Good news are that Unreal gives you everything to start:…1_6/index.html


thanks a lot