Reflective/metallic material flickering

Since updating to 4.25, I’ve been getting flickering on any materials that are reflective. It occurs not only from any light source that’s present, but also if there’s a bright additive material within the vicinity of it. Below is a video of it.

Is anyone aware of a setting change I need to make to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also have strange flickering metal, and general lighting weirdness. It’s like someone jacked up the skylight and fog actors.

I also have ‘ants’ crawling on some metal surfaces.

Be interested in any answers also…

I have same issue in 4.25 all reflective materials are flickering even the UE4 starter content materials. How to fix it?
It occurs both in editor and in play mode.

OK turns out for me it was this setting in DefaultEngine.ini in Config folder of my project:

Removing this parameter fixed the flickering issue.

Found out that when creating a new empty project there is no such settings in the DefaultEngine.ini and everything worked.

So for anyone who’s having this issue just play with DefaultEngine.ini config file try removing some lines and see how project will react.

Thanks, Wortek.

Removing that line from DefaultEngine.ini seems to have fixed it for me.

Hi, I also had the same problem.…asing-problems But not yet tried this fix.

It’s not really a fix. It might stop the metal flickering, but your game will look jagged as hell.

That line has been removed from new versions of the DefaultEngine.ini. The anti aliasing is not affected by removing it from your older version.

I had the same issue. Changing the ‘Anti-Aliasing method’ in Project Settings from ‘FXAA’ to ‘TemporalAA’ fixed it for me. Using UE 4.25. Not the best solution, but it works untill Epic fixes the bug. :slight_smile:


****** HERE’S FLICKERING FIX *********************

Official 4.25 and 4.26 having some glitches in calculations, namely TemporalAAHistory structure was not filled out correctly

Here’s the only solution that will surely fix for both 4.25 and 4.26 versions (building from the source and fixing engine glitch), since 4.25 will not have any more updates and 4.26 also has the same issue:

  1. get Unreal 4.25 source, following link is a step by step instructions on how to get the source (no need for the building until you change buggy scripts, just when you get 4.25 source unzipped from git, run Setup.bat, after that **run GenerateProjectFiles.bat **): Building Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) From Source Code / GitHub - YouTube

  2. **change this 2 scripts **as explained in the below link, and finally, **build the source **…48f5a38dfb53ea

  3. compile your project from source (in the following link, instructions are around 8.50 min): Building Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) From Source Code / GitHub - YouTube

Enjoy again your UE4.25/26