Reflections not correct after Packaging

For some reason all my reflections look different after packaging my project.

Here is a quick video that shows the problem:
[Reflection issues after Packaging - YouTube][1]

and here you can download the project for testing:


  • Is it something in the project
    settings I need to consider?

I am using Ray Tracing. But even when turning off ray tracing I am having the same issues.

​​​​​​​Any thoughts what could be the problem?

Thanks for any little help, appreciate it!

You need to enable Raycasting in your packaged Project. At the moment it only uses Screen Space Reflections. This Post Link should help.

Thank you so much for your reply. I really do appreciate that.

I need to enable Raycasting… ok. I was searching and also checked my Project Settings.
But I can’t figure out where this option is?

Do I have to create an actor or a blueprint?
Or is it a setting somewhere in the project settings?

I can’t find the Raycasting option for packaging…