Reflections for thin walls?

How would someone suggest doing a reflection for a thin wall or even a plate of glass that needs to have a reflection for both inside and outside?

I’m not sure if i understood your question but you can tick the “two sided” box in the material editor to make a thin mesh which has no back face visible on both sites “also the material which is applied to your mesh” .

The question is for things like box projected reflection… As it stands if u use one it kinda effects both sides of the glass… so doesnt make sense to have a bright outside reflection on the interior of hte scene and vice versa. How do i get aroudn that? I am trying to figure out how to have seperate reflections for 2 glass planes facing opposite directions but are nearly in the same location.

Just realized there is a distance falloff setting for the box reflection probes that can work well for this if you set it to a very low number.