Reflections broken in 4.14 preview-2

Ok I was asked to post here on the problems I have been having with Planar and regular reflections in 4.14 preview-2.
It’s really bad. While the planar was improved, it now introduced a “tearing” effect (see image). But the worst thing is now ALL my regular reflections are all mixed up. I’m getting reflections of things that are in other rooms and other places on the map.

I have a lot of reflection capture “nodes” in the level. Maybe I’m over using them… one per room? one per level? I was under the assumption they had a limited range? in 4.13 the reflections “stay” within the room they are capturing. and in 4.14 P2 they do not, and Change from editor to play (different reflection showing up in the play mode than in the editor mode)
As for size of the planer you can clearly see this in the upper right of the image.
Now as for contact shadows… no change there all set to 0.0 (and in this particular room there are no other lights than the light source- directional light casting shadows.
Again this is an exact copy of what I’m running with no issues in 4.13.
PS: Been trying to get a pano shot so you can see each room in full. but the only blueprint I found, “PanoCam” the capture hangs up the editor and makes it unusable - was looking forward to maybe trying Ansel for this but no good docs on this yet, and I’m having issues with windows anniversary update not allowing me to install the latest gForce display driver :frowning: )

The ‘tearing’ effect appears to be contact shadows. Have you set Contact Length to be greater than zero on any of your lights?

Getting reflections from another room - can you try to figure out what affects it? If you have no reflection captures in the level, do you still see reflections from another room? It’s difficult for me to see what’s happening from the dark screenshot.

One thing you should try - make sure the planar reflection is centered on the mirror and the reflection quad is large enough to fully contain the mirror. Planar reflections fade out based on distance away from the plane (and at the edges), and they fade out to reflection captures. So that would explain why you would be seeing into another room.

Is there any chance you could upload a zip of this level for me to investigate? There’s a lot going on and it’s hard for me to isolate what the bugs are.

As for size of the planer you can clearly see this in the upper right of the image.

Yes but that’s for the mirror, which does not exhibit the ‘see through wall’s artifact’, while the TV does. The planar reflection is setup correctly on the mirror.

I only have that one planer. The other reflections are just regular Box or Sphere reflection nodes.
The level/project is over 2.5 gigs, even getting rid of the autosaves and a few other things I believe are non essential, it’s still at least 1.5 gigs (don’t know how much that would compress down though as a zip/rar), and I don’t have a premium dropbox account to upload this to. If you know of another way to get such a large file to you then I can do that.

Ok I have “almost” figured out the Reflection overshooting. I had the “Box transition Distance” set at 150 (thinking more would be better as Sphere Influence radius is set at 3000.0. Who knew that that setting that up only by 50 would do that (this does not occur in 4.13)) Now, while this fixes things in the editor, when selecting Play it still has issues (see new image) Thought maybe it was the “Mat.” but I swapped it out for Epics basic Glass Mat. and still the same issue.

There still is a vast amount of “tearing” that I can’t figure out where that is coming from (again there are no other lights casting shadows in this room to affect the shadow) – There is a slight amount in the 4.13 version, but not like this.

Hello JamesSF69,

As requested, we are going to need a way to reproduce this issue on our end in order to report this as a bug. Either a simple set of steps in a new blank project or a minimal version of your project where the issue occurs are the options.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Ok I’ve pulled most everything out of the project and got it just below 200MB.
Here is the link to the dropbox file. Give it a bit as I’m sure the upload will be awhile.

It would be nice if once you get the file from the link below, you could inform me and I will delete it from my DB account as I need the space.

You’ll notice that the reflections are different while in the editor (they are correct) , but one playing the level they get all crazy. I think I kinda solved this in reducing the radius of the reflection, but that creates a “radius” circle of reflection on surfaces. The main problem is in the room with the “frame” on the floor leaning against the wall. You’ll notice that while playing it is now reflecting the hallway not the room.

BTW- Clicking on doors will open them, and “Q” will give you the quit screen.


Spiral 32 project

Oh and could you tell me why the Production or high rendering is still giving me splotchy shadows on the walls? May not happen here because a HDRI I was using to render is missing in this file though. But maybe you have some insight on some setting I could change. Also this takes FOREVER to render, but there is a lot of foliage inthe scene too

I downloaded and will hopefully get a chance to investigate soon. You can delete it.

Thx for letting me know. Will keep it up for a bit just in case :smiley:

Any answers? I’m still having these issues even with the Release.

I’m still having issues, any answers???