Reflections are drastically different across actors

I have a modular level containing a long hallway with a glass floor. In order to cut down on draw calls, I’ve converted all of the floor pieces to instanced static meshes inside of an actor that can generate large chunks of them in a particular pattern automatically. This strategy has been more or less successful, I can now chunk out a room in minutes and it (usually) hits the 90fps benchmark I need for VR.

The issue I’m having now, however, is that reflections look awful. I’ve tried several strategies with reflection capture actors and this issue seems to occur whenever there is more than 1 in the scene.

Here is a video of the issue: Hailstorm VR - Reflections issue - YouTube

What seems to be happening is that different actors receive different reflections, so you can very clearly see the seams where one actor turns into another. I have to have the floor chunked out in this way so LODs work properly and the lightmaps aren’t extremely large.

Any ideas on how I could solve this issue?

Figured this out on my own.

Because I’m using the forward renderer, I had to enable “High Quality Reflections” on each material that I want to have decent reflections. After doing that I was able to just throw down some capture boxes in each room and it looks great.