Reflection with shadows in mirror material

I fail to understand why is this problem happening.
It’s a simple mirror material, i have a sphere reflection capture, and force no precomputed is activated.


Hey RubenCG -

This might be one of two problems. First look at the radius of your sphere reflection capture actor, it may be unintentionally culling some aspects from its generated cubemap. In addition to that I would add a sky light into the level and have it affect world but not cast shadows. This should help reflections in the level have a little more perceived depth.

Second, Look into your Post Process Settings and turn off SSR (Screen Space Reflections) by checking Intensity to true and setting it to 0. This will limit the reflections in the map to only those caused by the sphere reflection capture actor through adding the sky light should help brighten the SSR and may itself get rid of the problem.

Let me know if these do not fix your issue -

Eric Ketchum