Reflection Reflections I Don't Understand

This is how reflections turn white. Whichever way I turn the camera, that side becomes white. The upper part is closed, but the sky reflection falls on the water.

That’s how screenspace reflections work, they don’t reflect anything that isn’t on the screen.

In UE4 you only have two options for accurate reflections: Raytraced reflections and planar reflections.

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Reflection capture actors should still pickup reflections for a closed cave.

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that is, they reflect all the objects in the scene.

But after I put planar reflection on the stage, when I move the camera, whiteness occurs again, I want them not to be.

Reflection probes are capturing the environment from the point where they are placed at. And blend the reflection based on the Player camera location and Influence Radius (the objects in that radius are affected). Main point - they show the reflection from the point of their view. So if you currently in the influence radius of some probe that is placed behind you and it’s located beyond the wall of the cave, you still will see the sky.

Also. REFRACTION is not using reflection probes, it uses GBuffer image. (like SSR)

Are you using the built in water from the water plugin? Because as I recall it doesn’t support planar reflections, and probably doesn’t support raytraced reflections either.

You’ll just have to rely on SSR and reflection captures. Intelligent positioning of reflection captures can improve the result as illustrated by the reply above, but it’s still just a texture projected into a sphere or cube in space. It’s always going to be wildly inaccurate and you will get a seam transition between SSR and captures for anything off screen.

I understand. See what I want is I move the camera and there is whitening on the right and left sides I want to remove them.

A well placed sphere reflection capture should be able to prevent those white artifacts.