Reflection problem

I am doing a big reflective surface as kind of sea plane. But the reflection is strongly fresnel effected. There is a box of black rounding the screen. And If I turn the camera face directly to the surface, the reflection is totally gone. This problem is not obverse on 4.43, when update to 4.5, its very strong.
How can I tune the fresnel effect? Or it is caused by some other thing?

The only reflection you can see here is ssr (screen space reflection), this type of reflection is used to create detailed real time reflections but as the name suggest it is limited to screen space. in order to achieve good looking environment reflections you need to place spherical reflection capture actors across level and in this case sky light that can capture distant sky and use it as reflection. SO there are multiple methods that work together to create realistic reflection environment, and in order to get realistic results it is necessary to combine all of them.


Thanks! Now its OK with Reflection capture and Sky light!