Reflection problem while in play mode

Hello everyone,
I am trying to solve my problem with reflections in my scene so maybe someone would help me:
While working in editor - everything looks fine and reflections works properly.
But when i press play reflection capture stops working.
All scene in one level.
Attaching screenshots:

Are u using dynamic lighting only?
When using all dynamic lighting there is nothing for the Sphere Reflection Capture has no information to build from and will render black in game mode. The Reflections you are seeing in the Editor are temporary dynamic reflections and are for sphere placement only. If your lighting was static /. stationary or you add a static light into the environment then your reflection capture will correctly render.


For the future people with this problem: Click on the “lit” viewport setting top left and change the exposure level at the bottom (if it doesn’t work select all objects in world outliner, copy, create new level, paste)

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