Reflection probe view bug?

I am in 4.9 and right now im working with my scene modifying some things nad i just realized when i switch the view mode to reflections… it looks exactly like it does in regular view mode… (with some odd shadow darkening on foliage)… but no reflections. Like its still textured and everythign in reflection mode with full lighting. What is happening? Why would reflection view mode suddenly not work?

Has to be a glitch… after going back and forth between view modes for a while… now my regular view has NO reflections… wtf? I tried restarting the computer and everything… and all the bugs are still there. Whats wrong with my scene/project??? If i hit update on reflection captures it brings my reflections back in regular lit view, but reflection view is still now showing reflections.

Im even getting visual glitches in the mesh viewer… notice the grid in this screenshot… it has weird colored visual glitches like dots and lines… on where the grid is…

This problem isnt the scene. Its the entire project. What is going on?

*Correction… i tested it on other projects nad the problem still exists on all projects!!!

I am using 4.9… what is happening?

Where can i file a bug report? I broke unreal editor 4.9 permanently apparently. I see no way to fix this. Starting to wonder if it ever worked in 4.9.

Hi Kurylo3d,

I got your private message. This is actually already reported as a Bug with UE-20897 for the content. However, this is not a bug with the project that you cannot fix locally though.

I’ve yet to dig into it a little further, but something has been corrupted in some of the config files that will cause these views to not be visible. I’ve yet to narrow down exactly where this happens, and I wouldn’t necessarily suggest just deleting the config files from the project since there may be settings in these that are needed for the project.

As an aside, please refrain from bumping threads on a daily basis. Please allow a few days between posts. In this instance, there was already an issue open we were looking into with this, but didn’t have any helpful information to pass along right away.

I’ll check back once I have time to look at this a little more. It may not be until next week sometime, depending on my other priorities.

This is a project specific bug. Reflections and Detail Lighting, along with the grid artifacts all work as intended in other projects.

In the future, if you would like to file a Bug Report please post in the Bug Report section on AnswerHub. You can also find more information in my signature link for “How to report a bug”.

Actually I have tested this with epics own project… including the VR demo. The bug exists on ALL projects in 4.9 for me. It is not project specific.

The only thing i could tell you that I did that was different was enabling distance fields to test them out … and then disabling them when i realized they were garbage that could not light my scene :confused:

What if you create a blank project > Use the default map > enable the reflection view.

I’ve only had this happen in this project. If you know of other projects that are causing this, which ones are causing the issue?

Distance fields are not meant to light you scene, but provide shadows, and AO in general. Distance Fields are also not supported for VR.


Actually, going back and looking at your images above. Sorry I had only glanced before and thought they were from the VR Showdown demo that was just released, because this is where the issue was initially reported.

Sorry for my confusion. :confused:

Looking at the Showdown project removing the Config > DefaultEngine.ini solves the issue, but I’ve not narrowed down any more than that at the moment.

I’m going to start trying to repro this from my own blank projects and see where I get.

Follow up:

So far I’ve not been able to reproduce this in a blank project or any project other than Showdown. Everything on my end appears to be working as expected.

I’ve also tried converting a project from 4.8 to 4.9 and I’m not seeing anything similar.

If you have any suggestions that can reproduce the issue on your end, I can add them to the ticket I mentioned above and make it more broad than just referencing the Showdown VR demo.

You are correct, reflections demo works proper… odd that vr and my personal one are broken.

I will say the only thing i messed around were disabling reenabling distnace fields… i may have done this in 4.8 or 4.9 … dont remember. Project originated in 4.8 and was converted into 4.9 by the editor. I also showed myself visibility settings for wether areas have precomputed occlusion and all that…

Also ive been able to kill all my reflections in teh lit view by switching back and forth between the view modes … dont know about any specific order… i was trying to fix it and i noticed i killed the reflections but hitting update on reflection captures fixed that.

At one point one of my reflections had purple colors in it… bright purple / pinnk… which was odd since that color doesnt exist anywhere in my scene… but again updating reflection captures fixed that.

I will say I have run my person project in VR as well in the preview run

I have attached a screenshot of my latest build when i noticed that purple stuff in the reflection again… ever run across this? Updating reflection captures does not fix it… it is always there. :confused:

Can you actually make a post on the AnswerHubin the Bug Reports section?

It would be much easier to track any additional issues that have not already been reported, like the neon reflection issue you’re seeing. Once you post on the AnswerHub can you post the link to that post here and I’ll go ahead and assign myself to it. Also, include your DxDiag along with it and any steps you think that will reproduce it. I understand it may not be easily reproducible outside of your project, but we’ll take it from there once the post is made.

Thank you!


No problem . I posted it here

Didn’t even know about this bug report section.

Thanks! I’ve assigned myself to the post. I’ll continue looking into it this upcoming week when I’m back at work.