Reflection on translucent material

Hello everyone :rolleyes:

I was following the How To Use Transparency tutorial and I should get something like this:


But I can only get the skybox reflection on the material if I set up a Reflectiong Capture. And the effect is poor.


Once I disabled Reflection Capture , it turned into this:


There is no Reflection Capture in the image provided by Epic. Not on images in this tutorial or the How To use Refraction tutorial , but they all have skybox reflection . Did they foget to mention the Reflection Capture or I missed something ? Or there is another way to generate reflection ? This is my material settings:



Thank you !:slight_smile:

Do you have a skylight actor? I find that this contributes the sky reflection to everything. But reflection probes are still very important to have, and keep in mind that you need an interesting environment to capture if you want an interesting reflection. Epic’s demo has walls, cloudy sky, and built lighting.

You have to have a Reflection Capture Actor added to the world or you will not get reflections. You also need to change your Translucency Lighting Model to TLM_Surface. Finally keep all of what StephaBon said in mind as it is super important as well. Let us know if you have any other questiosn.

But the Lighting Mode under Translucency dosen’t have a TLM_Surface option in 4.9 version . It seems you guys have changed the name from TLM_Surface to Surface TranslucencyVolume.

Thank you !
I put a skylight actor into the level , and did get a more clear reflection .

Is this still possible to accomplish? When setting the material to translucent, metallic, specular, roughness, etc. become greyed out…

You have to set the translucency lighting model in the material to one of the surface options

I see! Sorry I missed that detail…