Reflection Of Directional Light Through Geometry a

Hey everyone.

Im struggling with with a directional light and its reflection in my scene. I seem to fail to grasp the basic concept of how reflections work in UE as I cant get rid of the reflection no matter how hard I try. The Problem only appears on my glass material as seen in the image below.

I tried unchecking and checking all of the boxes, using different reflection captures, changing the material settings and even building a tight doublesided cage around my space capsule.

Im out of Ideas. Is there any way to reproduce this basic reflection behaviour I am used to from non-realtime 3D Packages?

I had a similar problem (I’m on 4.17) and found that it was caused by using Surface ForwardShading in the Material’s Translucency Lighting Mode.

Stepping down to Surface TranslucencyVolume solved the issue. I did have to re-tweak my glass material after this however, and it’s a lower quality lighting mode so may not be a solution in all cases.