Reflection not using reflection spheres?

I’ve been messing around with UE4 and I suddenly realised that all of the reflective materials in my scene were no longer using the reflection spheres that I had placed (they were using them previously) So I created a new project and copied over all of my assets to see if it was something I had done to the render setting or something, but they are still not working? I have created a new reflective material to see if I had changed the materials or something, but it, like everything else, will only use the ‘Screenspace Reflection’ or whatever it is, where it only reflects what you can see at the time?
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? (The reflections in the example scenes still work fine.)

Yes I DO only use dynamic! THANKYOU for telling me :slight_smile: although that really is quite annoying :frowning:

Do you bake the lighting of your scene ?
If you use only dynamic lighting, the reflection spheres dont reflect anything (yep, it’s really annoying …)

So how do I re-enable the reflections? Do I have to change the project settings back to not REALTIME only? Or do I have to have a baked light? Or what? :slight_smile:

You have to bake some lightmaps to have the reflection sphere working.

hmmm … Do you have “Force No Precomputed Lighting” check in World Setting ? (must be uncheck).
Do you have UV2 on your meshes ?

Ok, well, I tried setting one of my lights to static (after changing my project settings back to allow for it) and I clicked on ‘bake,’ but it only had a really short (like millisecond) loading bar in the centre of the screen, then went away, and it made no shadows? (And the reflections still didn’t work?)

Yes I have it unchecked, and what is UV2?

I have removed all dynamic lights from the scene but the spheres still don’t work?! Is it maybe a coding error? (Only realtime lights and force no precomputed lighting are both unchecked)

Once you have set your lights to anything BUT ‘Moveable’, be sure to set the props to static too. I think you need to have lightmaps baked onto something.