Reflection Maps similar to other 3D programs


I’m sure I’m just too stupid to figure this out as it is probably very simple.

When I create my objects in other programs and import them, sometimes I use reflection maps, just as you would a diffuse or normal map, but UE doesn’t seem to have an input for such a texture map in its base material.

I must be overlooking something.

Your help is appreciated.


actual reflection maps arent a thing, you can however use metal and/or roughness to create reflections.
You will need to put sphere capture reflection actors around your level though: 1.4 - Sphere Reflection Capture Actor | Unreal Engine Documentation

That’s a bummer. What if I want to reflect something that isn’t in the scene so that I can control its consistency? For example. Here is a close-up of a character’s eyes, which use a reflection map that never changes but gives the right look:

Hmm, in that case try one of the following:
GetAmbientCubemapIntensity, GetAmbientCubemapTint

I have no experience with them though, but they could help getting more soul into those eyes.

I’ll look into your suggestion.

Just to be clear, the above image was from a different system. When I import into UE, I have to rebuild the materials, and it’s a struggle because I don’t know how they were originally set up and I’'m not very familiar with the intricacies in UE’s material editor, obviously.

This image is from UE. with the exception of adding some specularity to the eyes, this is how it was imported:

For purely screenAligment reflections use sphere map, also in engine we have viewAligmentReflection function, but I don’ like stretching it causes. You also can manipulate some parameters in sphere map for better look. Use masking, Fresnel etc…