Reflection for the whole scene. Impossible?!


my [question][1] had not be answered, after I gave more details.

So I will push it again, with more information.

Short version: I have a scene with 1000 blueprint lights. Every BP Light has 2 static lights. I need reflection in the scene.

But the problem is, if I use Sphere Reflection Capture (or Box), you can only see the nearest light reflected on the ground. So a big big room has as reflection only 2-4 lights. I think the reflection is calculated for the point, where it is place and not for the volume of the reflection actors.

So how can I make good reflections for my scene? 1000 reflections sphere?

This is my map (without ceil), with over 1000 lights. Inner square is reflection box square, it includes the whole important scene. You can see, the reflection place is a little bit greener. If it will not work wirk reflection from the light, I will be okay with just the green effect.

This is the whole effect of the box. More reflection spots are not visible.


If I use a sphere instead the box…

You see only the light near to the source place of the reflection actor is rendered. If I use a sphere reflection, the 2 reflection spots follow me, if I use an box, it stays on his place. You can see here this effect. Because I flying so high, the reflection of the 2 light are big a the whole scene.

Is this a bug, is this normal? Please help!

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