Reflection does not work when Global Illumination on High

Hi, probably something is wrong with my settings. When Global Illumination or Reflection setting is on high, it turns blurry and invisible for reflection. I tried to do whatever I found on videos but still I could not find any solution. Also I add Planar Reflection for mirrors. My engine is 5.3.2 and card is GTX1050.

Can anybody help ?

you obviously don’t have rt units. standalone raytraced will not work.

screenspace looks like screenspace. that’s normal.

and lumen uses surface cache reflections. that looks normal too.

maybe your expectations what it should look like are a lil off.

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I’m new with ue5, so I do not know how to add rt unit. How can everyting seem normal? I just wanted to see reflection of the mirror but all I have is blurry reflection. I tried to do everything to my archviz project for 5 weeks but couldn’t find solution. What should I do, can you or somebody help me step by step plss?

aight. i’ve gone all the way down. i stand corrected. lumen without raytracing renders distance field reflections not even surface cache. and it glitches in case of weird or far occlusion.

to get the highres planar reflection to work i disabled lumen. i made the planar box bigger then the mirror or it will bleed empty reflections. the mirror gotta be well above the floor or the environment underneath the floor will bleed in. screen percentage for the planar reflection gotta be 100 percent for best possible quality.

screenshot is 5.3.2, dx11, replicated high settings, nanite off (obviously dx12 feature) + lumen off . if you require GI you gotta bake it with lightmass.

note: you can do this in dx12 too. but doesn’t help much. you have the option to use lumen or high quality mirrors tho. but not both at the same time.

(i don’t remember if i managed the realtime switcheroo back 5.1. baked static lights are still static in lumen and produce gi).

Hi again, sorry for being late. Firstly, I think that I need to use Lumen for realistic ambiance lighting. If I’m wrong please correct me. So, Lumen is first thing that I need to use for my archviz. Beside this, what is the best possible option to reflect my mirrors and glasses? If its not possible to see ‘‘best quality’’ how can I reach ‘‘average quality’’ with Lumen?

Btw, there is a video that enough for me either way for realistic view and mirror quality. Video owner in the comments says that he made the mirrors with Scenecapture2d but I couldn’t made that too. In this video I’m not sure that he made it with Lumen or not?

that video is obviously ue4. no lumen available. it’s all baked gi. could work for your 1050 too. the only option you have with lumen is distance field reflections. that’s the average quality using lumen reflection.

to get more out of it you can use some cvars.

r.Lumen.TraceMeshSDFs.Allow 1 to allow mesh distance fields. they have better resolution then the global field.
r.Lumen.TraceMeshSDFs.TraceDistance 1000 set the distance how far they are visible in the reflection.

and well… scenecapture is the other option too, to get mirrors to work. hmmhmm. that does work with lumen gi. but may have a performance cost. and ofc you need to code a lil blueprint, to get the reflection camera math done.

Thanks for all your comments. As I say before, I’m new with Unreal Engine, so every info is gold for me, thnx.
how can I reach and make mirror with ‘‘distance field reflection’’ ? I checked it but couldn’t find video for it.

unfortunatelly my 1050 is not supporting ray-tracing so I guess this is just one option for me is working with Lumen.

Again I checked for my project that my best option on PostProcessVolume looks like;

Global Illumination Method : Lumen
Reflection Method : Screen Space or Standalone Ray Traced

The aluminums, chromes and steels are look good with Screen Space or Standalone Ray Traced.

Now, I just create mirror reflection that it does not matter how good or average my mirrors.

just try everything. without raytracing you will not get perfect mirrors. i figured even scene capture is not really good. the best option you have is lumen distance field reflections. you gotta squeeze out the best resolution. it looks like voxel graphics and the texture resolution is not there, but it’s moving correctly and has the correct gi and right luminance. the visual glitches you gotta deal with tho.

i told you all i tried on this low end config.

pick your look. create the mirror blueprint or use the voxels. i think i’m done here. :slight_smile:

For 3 days, still I cant any type of mirror. I trying everything idk what I missing… How did you make that left mirror, do you have any blueprint? Is your GI method in Postprocessvolume is on Lumen and Reflection method is screen space? With these settings, I made an mirror and added planar reflection or sphere reflection. It’s works but when I click Low to HIGH on reflection, its doesnt work for a reason.

And still I couldnt understand and find any video to how to make mirror with distance field reflection.

I tried everything and everything but cant find any solution :confused:

gi is on lumen and reflection method is on lumen. it’s the same as the 2nd screenshot in your first post. my reflection looks “better” or just less noisy cause it’s an exterior scene where nothing blocks the light bounces. and i input all those commands into the commandline.

the noise in interiors is more or less loss of energy or sscattering. for interiors you gotta cheat and put extra lamps in windows and spots where you require a more accurate light bounce. but you basicly fake most it. a pure sunlight shooting thru an entire house is not enough.

Again tried tried and tried every possibilities. I cant continue on my project. I took my mirror to outside but the result is same. Also tried to put lights and still nothing changes… Could this be because my graphics card does not support raytracing or something else?

Also I found an video with blueprint demo for Scene capture 2d but when I move, its not reflecting from my perspective, idk why maybe something is turned off on settings or my 1050 is cant support?

‘’ ‘’

I just wanna work with GI is Lumen and Reflection is Screen Space… I can take a screen video to prove it :frowning: