Reflection Captures Causing Crashing

Hey All,

I have a four story building with around 4 reflection capture spheres per floor. I’m getting some areas where my metal textures are rendering black. I’m assuming this is due to a lack of a reflection sphere in those particular areas. The problem is, when I try to drag in, or copy a reflection capture sphere, Unreal Engine Crashes. I’m on version 2.24.3.

In the video below, you can see that some of my window frames and desk surfaces are rendering black. The desk materials are just a white material with a roughness map. I have also posted my crash report below. Any help would be awesome!

Hi, we just facing similar problem on our package(…st-temple-cave). Our customer have instant crashes when he open our map. That’s how i found Your post :slight_smile: For us it was our client using filmic,television template where screen capture resolution is set by default to 2048. It’s huge. My 2080ti could handle than just 5 reflection capture actors :slight_smile:

Solution is lower resolution a bit, use just few this actors or just use RayTracing :slight_smile:

Maybe it help someone :slight_smile:

Yeah, a single 2048 HDR cubemap is ~196mb.

As far as I know the resolution is set PER SIDE. So setting it to 2048 nets you a cubemap that is 2048x2048 x 6. Huge indeed.

And for example on our maps(Content by Scans+Factory - UE Marketplace) is usually between 10-20 cube-maps. Yeah…it could be a problem sometimes :slight_smile: