Reflection capture spheres mess things upp in complete darkness

Hello everyone,
I have a quite large level, in fact it is so heavy that i can not anymore build the light, hence i switched my light sources (directional light, skylight) to movable.

First i had the problem that i couldnt create real darkness until i went into settings and disabled “allow static lights”. Somehow i guess my previous light builds were still generating light because even with all the lights off, it still looked like 6 pm.

But now comes the next problem (can be seen in the screen shot):
As i don’t have any light sources switched on there should be complete darkness, rgb 0,0,0 right? As you can see, there is complete darkness, but also, where i have reflection capture spheres, it instead displays something that looks exactly like the “raw reflection” pass in vray for example. It shows the reflection map basically. How can i solve this?