Reflection Capture Resolution - Should Changes Be Powers Of Two?

Hello Unreal Developers:

Should the Reflection Capture Resolution found in Project Settings > Rendering > Reflections section > Reflection Capture Resolution be adjusted using powers of two? I noticed that it’s set to 64 (meaning 64x64) by default, which is a power of two.

If you answer this question, could you please provide some supplemental reading for me to understand how you supported your answer. I like to learn and not ask too many questions.



You can only enter a power of 2 value. If you do not, it will round to the nearest one. Also, be sure to hover your mouse over any features you have questions about because there will typically be a detailed tooltip to call out basic and important information about the feature.

'tard moment :frowning: I appreciate you pointing that out to me. The way that I arrived at this question was by following some performance and optimization techniques outlined in the Online Learning, under Building Better Pipelines, specifically under Reflections. I had just finished the entire course yesterday, then hopped over to the documentation here: Reflections Captures in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

While it does use examples of powers of 2, it didn’t state specifically that it required powers of 2. I wasn’t sure myself as I had not had a chance yet to fiddle with it myself, and, that textures themselves can be imported as non-powers of 2 (though that’s not recommended). I came here and I got my answer.

I appreciate the response [USER=“4894”]Tim Hobson[/USER]

Thanks for letting me know about it not specifically saying to use a power of 2. I’ll add that to the Warning box where it talks about performance implications. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome [USER=“4894”]Tim Hobson[/USER]

I honestly don’t think it’s necessary, as anyone changing it would immediately see that. However, for accurate and complete documentation on a feature, I understand why you’d want to go back and update.