Reflection Capture Resolution Missing??

From the official documentation:

Here is the image in question.

Following the instruction :
Edit Menu > Project Setting > Engine Category > Rendering > Textures section … there is no
Reflection Capture Resolution there???

I cannot seem to find Reflection Capture Resolution as shown in the documentation.
I am on Unreal engine 4.11, has anything changed since the documentation been written?
Am I looking at the wrong documentation?

This is what it looks like on my UE4.11 version.

This feature was added in version 4.12.

We try to keep the documentation up to date with the latest version. Sometimes that’s not always the case and some things still need be updated to reflect the latest addtions. In this case, this one was updated with 4.12’s new features.

Thanks. Was updating to 4.12 when it’s first release then rolled back as I was met with some bug,
probably a good time to update now.