Reflection Capture issues in the scene - Flickers when camera changes distance/ position/ angle.

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on my scene for a while and realized that I have massive FPS drops in a certain spot in my scene. Then I also realized that the roughness of certain object in the distance flickers and breaks when the camera is further away.

Checking the Reflection View Mode showed me the issues, however I don’t really know how to fix it? It seems to me that it is trying to reflect the “void” or the sky above my scene. I have box reflection captures in all of the areas and some smaller Sphere ones to help out with close up shots.

I’ve read somewhere that it might be the Screen Space Reflections that are causing this, however increasing the quality of them didn’t change anything. This seems to me like purely a reflection capture issue? Maybe my boxes are leaking in light.

The scene has one movable Directional light and some baked lights near the windows, I also only baked on the Preview quality.

Checkout the screens below. I wish I could upload a gif but the Picture limit won’t allow me.

The position of the camera is the only thing that changes. In the last two screenshots you can see how objects get reflection illuminated.

Thanks for reading.

Found a fix to one of my issues, the areas in the distance do not get illuminated anymore by the roughness changes. All I had to do is disable this in the Project Settings.

I believe the second issue might be caused by leaking reflection probes that are somehow capturing the outside skybox.

The issue only happens when the floor is in the view of the camera.