Reflection capture is black in game but works fine in editor?

Hello! I’m working on a bathroom in my villa and I’ve only just noticed that my capture on my mirror is black, but only in game. I updated captures and it works fine in editor. Any ideas what’s causing this? I’m using a fully dynamic scene with ForceNoPrecomputedLighting = True. I’m also utilizing LPV GI and DFAO in my scene if that helps any.


in game:

in editor:

The reason this is not working is because capturing reflections is part of the light building process. Turning this off will remove all reflections from the world, since it won’t actually bake the reflection captures. To combine static reflections with dynamic lighting just leave the ForceNoPrecomputedLighting to false and put everything else on dynamic. It seems kind of silly, but it does work.

Let’s hope at some point the reflection captures can be “dynamically” updated, because it will solve a lot of issues for dynamic games :slight_smile:

This is not solution for this problem. Even if I leave the ForceNoPrecomputedLighting to false and turn on Allow Static Lightning in render settings, it only captures static lightning. Which means If I have dynamic lights in scene, reflection captures would be black. Even If i set my lights to static, temporary just to capture reflections, It wont work, cause when I turn my lights back to Movable, reflections are black again. Its shame because it works fine in the editor mode even with the dynamic lights.