Reflection capture brightness doesn't apply to translucent materials with screenspace reflection enabled

Translucent materials with screenspace reflections turned on inside the material (using lighting mode surface translucency volume) don’t respond to reflection capture brightness changes.

All of my reflection captures are a little bit too bright and I am trying to tune them to match up with screenspace reflections. This works everywhere but on a river that is using Surface Translucency Volume lighting with screen space reflections turned on. When it falls back from screenspace to the reflection capture, it gets the original much brighter version.

Is there a way to enable this, or is it a limitation/bug?

Hello muchcharles,

I created a blank test project and added a cube to my scene. I then added an SSR, Translucent, Surface Translucency Volume material to that Cube. I then added a post process volume and set to unbound and made sure I had SSR enabled. I added a little color to the base color of the material, .5 I believe. I then added a Reflection Capture Cube and a skylight.

I adjusted the values for the brightness of the capture and I do see a change occurring.

, thanks for looking into it, but I think your video shows the issue. What you are seeing is from the screenspace reflections reflecting the change to the ground. That’s not the issue. Instead, look at the left face of the cube in your video: that’s the part receiving cubemap reflections and nothing changes there when you move the slider.

If you try with a smooth metallic opaque material, from the same viewpoint, the left side will be the dominant side changing when you slide the toggle, as it is supposed to be.

Let me know if you see what I’m talking about in the video.

I do see what you are referring to and I will look into this issue further. Thank you for the clarification.

awesome thanks for checking into it again

I believe this is a bug and I have entered a report to be reviewed by our development team.

The ticket number is UE-23332.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

Hey guys, any idea if this bug has been fixed yet? I believe I still see this in 4.16.

It looks like the ticket ended up getting closed out. I went ahead and reopened it so our developers can take a look.

Thanks for the update that this is still occurring.