Reflection capture and video memory

Reflection Capture and video memory. I keep running out of video memory and crashing when attempting to add more than a few Reflection Captures in my Level. Other than getting a new video card, is there any other solution?

To use less memory for reflection captures: Make each reflection capture smaller, and use spherical, not box reflection captures.

A 64 pixel spherical capture is a lot better than nothing, a 256 pixel one is probably as much as you’ll ever need (and probably overkill for all but the fanciest cases.)

THAT being said, how many captures are we talking about here? Are you sure it’s the captures that are the problem? Or are you leaking them somehow?

Build-time reflection captures at 128x128 size are compressed to 4 bits per pixel, or about 8 kB each. You’d need … very many, to fill up even an old 2 GB graphics card. (256x256 is 32 kB each – stiill not all that big!)

If you run these at runtime, the capture will be in RGBA format, 32 bits (4 bytes) per pixel, and you’ll probably have to capture cube maps, so another factor 6 on top – plus the CPU/GPU cost of keeping those captures up to date. Is that what you’re looking at?

Or are you running 2048 HDR cube reflection captures or something? At that point, memory will disappear right quick in a hurry!

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Mind you he could be having the already reported bug with the 3090 - or worse.
The bug could actually be expanding to other cards/drivers…
If that’s the case, Literally nothing seems to fix it - at least according to that thread.

Thanks yes Reflection capture size in project settings was the issue. Was set at 2048. Reduced to 512 and my vram went from 10GB to 5GB.

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