Reflection Capture actor capturing lit environment, when?

In the wiki there’s this:

Which works as intended,

but is this going to change? This is not useful. You guys first disabled the light diffuse propagation from reflection capture actors, leaving dynamically lit solutions with no way to have or even simulate bounced light… now I notice this!

Specular light is view dependant so metals(or other highly specular objects) can’t be captured as metals or they would look very wrong when reflection probe is sampled from different location that it was captured. Almost all engines does exactly this to avoid this problem. How you would change it? What is the problem that you have with this? This has nothing to do with diffuse propagation.

No offense, but my question was explicitly directed towards the developers of the engine. Anyway, you completely misunderstood what I was trying to get across.

If physically based rendering is a philosophy that could be applied to an extent here you should consider that reflection probes should be capturing albedo and at least the lighting pass. The way they work now makes everything within their radius look completely off, because it’s just an unlit capture on top of the render. When you look at a mirror you see other reflections, refractions, shadows and everything else, that’s the point I’m trying to make. They should follow SSR - they look realistic because it’s reflecting the beauty pass of everything in the screen, not just the albedo.

Remember the reflection actor in UE3 for mirrors and floors? That’s what I want in the form of a probe. I would feed the reflection capture actor the main lighting pass along the diffuse, just those two.

About diffuse emission - download 4.3 and use probes along the r.diffusefromcaptures command and you will know what I’m talking about

This is discussion section. Not direct line to Epic.

You are misunderstood how reflection captures work. They capture lighting but just diffuse component.(diffuse is not same as albedo. Diffuse reflection - Wikipedia). Metals are treated as diffuse object to get some light reaction for them too. Which is not physical based but better than leaving them black.

For the record, I was mistaken about this. If only someone could have cross-checked! It has taken me weeks to figure out. The reflection probes capture an unlit image of the environment if the lights are set to movable, which is exactly what was going on in the former picture.

I will upgrade from 9.1 to the actual version, but the probes don’t capture planes either, and I have no clue there.

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