Reflection are very strange

Hello dear community!

I have some strange issues with reflection. My ceil is full with houndreds of lights. But on the ground, which is a little bit rough, I have 2 reflections, which follows me everywhere! It looks like lights are attached to my character (no I don’t have attached lights…).

I can not find the source of the problem. Please help. I want to prebake a lot and not harm my FPS


Hi ,

It’s hard to say with just the images that you’ve got in your scene. If I setup something similarly to what you’ve described with lots of lights on the ceiling and a semi-reflective floor I’m not seeing the same thing.

There are couple of questions I have:

  • Do you have a reflection capture actor in your scene?
  • Do you have SSR disabled in your post process or have you left it at the default settings?
  • Are all your lights set to Static?

If the answer to the last question is No and Yes, meaning that maybe the Ceiling lights are all Static for the hundreds of them so that you get baked lighting and there are a couple of other lights in your scene that are stationary or movable then I would expect to see something similar to what you’ve got in the picture.

Here’s the reason why. When using static lighting you will not get any specular highlights. This option only works on materials with lights that are using stationary or movable lighting. So, if all the ceiling lights (the hundreds of them) are set to static they will not produce any reflections even with a material roughness of 0. That would lead me to believe that there are two additional lights that are stationary or movable that are causing this reflection to occur. That would be a good place to start looking.

Also try using a reflection capture in your scene as this can add the reflection of the lights to your scene like you would expect.

In this second image without the reflection capture there is only Screen Space Reflections (SSR), which is why you see the reflections on the back walls and the column, but not for the lights on the floor.

I hope this helps.


Thank you really, really for your help!

  • I only have 3 different type of lights. One SkyLight, one DirectionalLight (Sun), and over 1000 Ceilinglights, which are combined by a Spot Light and a Point Light for the Source (Spot Light does not have a Source, is this normal?). This Ceilinglights are on 2 different heights and have a constant distant from each other. All Lights are static.
  • SSR is disabled. But there is no difference, when it is enabled.
  • I have a SphereReflectionCapture. If I disable it, or the radius is to small and does not reach the lights, the effect goes of course away. It’s strange; the reflection is even on the top of my building where there isn’t any light. My SRC includes my whole building, so is it normal, that the 2 reflection can be seen everywhere inside the SRC? When you look closely, you can even see more reflections, but they are really weak. That means the distant of the other lights to the middlepoint from the SRC is to big, to be visible rendered, which is also strange, because they are really near…

Here some picture for more explanation:

I want to see all reflection of the lights, but they should not follow me and don’t go through walls. :confused: