Reflection and Specular shining through object.


I have a problem with the lighting and don’t know how to solve this. I tried it for days now.

When i set up my scene i have a directional light and a skylight.
But no matter what i do, i cant get my lighting correct.
My problem is that the sun is still visible on a reflective surface when behind a object. But as seen in the picture, the sun should not be visible because its in the shadow cone.
Also my moveable objects are way more lit when they are in a shadow cone, its almost like as if they are not affected by shadows of ohter objects.

Anyone know what i have to do to get a correct shading?
Thanks in advance.

Reflections will always be innacurate. Use SSR, make less reflective objects, and place scene captures, also, baked light has less accuracy on dynamic objects than stationary or dynamic, but, this comes at a severe performance benefit.


Thanks for your reply.
I was able to get some better results, but now the SSR gives me some weird flickering.
Any chance you know what is causing this flickering?
Its definitely the SSR because, when i turn down the SSR strength to 0 in the Post Process Volume, the flickering is gone but also the lighting is again not good.
Any chance you know what cause this problem?
Here is a short video:

Well it seems this is a bug.
I made a blank new project and tested it and with same material and lighting settigs and nothing flickers.
I guess this bug occurs because i migrated my project from 4.23 to 4.25.
Anyway it seems i have to transfer my assets to a new blank project.