Reflected objects being culled incorrectly.

I’ve made a quick test scene here to demonstrate my problem: I’ve got a sphere with a simple Opaque/Default Lit material with a white base color, 1 metallic, 0.2 spcular, 0.1 roughness. This should be a relatively shiny/chrome reflective object.

Next to it I added a Paper 2D Sprite (although this behavior occurs with static mesh cubes/spheres as well). This object gets reflected on the surface of the sphere, however as I move the camera, it will stop reflecting the object if the camera no longer sees it, even if the camera still sees where it should be reflecting.

Here is the object facing the camera:

And here is the same object rotated a few degrees to face the reflective sphere

This object should obviously still be reflecting. I have the same issue if the camera is only seeing half of the object… only half gets reflected.

I’ve tried using both a Box Reflection Capture and Sphere Reflection Capture, as well as neither of those and the effect is the same. What is the solution here? The ultimate goal is that I need this object to always be reflected, regardless of whether the camera can see it or not… for instance if the object is behind the camera, it should still be drawn on the surface of the sphere.

It’s rendering screen space reflections which are real-time but objects can only reflect things that are visible. To get it to reflect something that’s not visible it has to use reflection captures. For reflection captures it is pre-rendered so it can only reflect static objects and lighting.

Great, thanks. I was noticing that it was screen space reflections via the post process volume, but I couldn’t figure out why my capture was not grabbing it. I didn’t realize it will not capture non-static geometry. I was going to perform an update on a per-couple-of-frames basis, but if it won’t even grab the geometry then that is unfortunate.