Referencing Parameters

Hi all,
Let’s say I have an array parameter in my BP (widget) and when creating a new widget I’m referencing that array in its array parameter (it’s instance editable and exposed on spawn). If I add/remove/modify items from that array should it affect the original array I referenced?
If not, what should I do for it to work?

Yes :slight_smile: It will affect the instance of the widget. Is it not working?

Apparently not.

To be clear, it should affect the array in the widget you just created.

Yeah, that’s what happening right now. Is there a way to make it affect the original array I referenced?

If you make a widget blueprint that contains an array. There’s no way to affect your original blueprint from an instance of that widget. You can only affect an existing instance. IE one that has been added to the screen, or hidden.

Sorry for the late response.
In that case, if I reference the same array in a function (on the same bp), will modifying that affect the original one?

Modifying an instance of a widget will never affect the original widget code.