Referencing Day-Night Cycle BP for Automated Lighting

Hey all,

I’ve seen very little in relation to automated lighting in UE4. By that I mean; lighting that turns on and off at certain time intervals. It works really well if you make it properly as you can fade the lights in and out, dim them gradually etc. It’s made via creating a blueprint with the light fixture mesh as the actor and a point/spotlight added in and configured in the event graph.

I have a day-night cycle blueprint that a friend of mine put together for me and it’s brilliant. It’s easy to use and you can set the time for a single cycle to whatever you want.

At the moment these are two completely different functions that work alongside one another. I can set up the automated lighting to roughly coincide with 1 day in the cycle, but I like to change the time it takes for a cycle when testing lighting, meaning the automated lighting falls out of sync, and after a few cycles pass it falls out of sync anyway.

My question today is; can you sync or reference the day-night cycle with the automated lighting? Is there a way to add the light fixture blueprints into the day-night blueprint? I want the lights to turn on and off at a certain key frame in the cycle.

I’ll post a shot of the day-night event graph below.

Hoping someone knows!