Referencing a Niagara System within Blueprints not working;base64

I’m having trouble referencing a Niagara system within Blueprints. In the images provided you can see I have made a simple variable of type Niagara Actor, made it instance editable, compiled, saved and attempted to drag a Niagara System I created from a Niagara Emitter but the box turns red and doesn’t allow me to use it.

For context, I have a breakable vase, I made a blueprint out of it and wish to spawn the Niagara system on play (this works) and then activate on Component Begin Overlap (Box) basically. This is not how the final will be, this was just a test, the final product will activate on break, not that I can get that to work atm either. but since I can’t reference it, I can’ activate it.