References bug with deleted blueprints

After removing blueprint reference it doesn’t disappear. Instead of this inside Reference Viewer I get Redirector. How can I remove references to not existing Blueprints?

I have huge problems with loading game after hit play. When I open my project it took less than a second to load.
If I change some Blueprint which has not so many references it updates immediately.
When I update blueprint with reference to MyController blueprint (is rather big ~2MB). It takes 20 seconds!!
What should I do? Why it take so long to load (Play) the game?

The worst thing is that UE4 remember references to updated BP so next action never take less than 20 seconds even if I update smaller BP without any reference to it!
Only solution is to close entire project and load it once again.

I try to use interfaces as often as I can but sometimes i just need to get reference and cast it. Why I need to close entire UE4 if I want to get quicker game load?

Please fix these references bugs.

Hello Tefel,

You mentioned you removed a Blueprint Reference? If you remove references and some of the assets tied to those references are gone. Your game is constantly trying to refer to those dependencies and call upon those assets.

If you want to delete a Blueprint click on the actual reference viewer of the blueprint, and go through the tree to the furthest dependency. Be sure those assets referencing other things in your game are not deleted or they will cause other assets to break as well.

Reference viewer is strictly for view mode and should not be used to edit or delete assets! This can cause serious problems with your project!

After object is removed I still see references to not existing object. Shouldn’t UE with the object removal delete all references to it?

Why it takes ages to start the game after adding references? Is it necessary to compile/analyse all referenced BP?
Basicly if I add to empty BP reference to Controller BP (6mb) it takes 20 sec before load. It takes same time when I just change my Controller BP.

Did you re-save your project after getting rid of the objects? Also I need to reiterate the Reference viewer is not meant for use of deleting assets. It is just used to understand what is referencing each object so when you are deleting you know what has the potential to be broken.

When you change any major references the editor has to find all relevant objects before moving forward. This is why it is taking so long. You never want to delete a reference and replace it with another.