Reference will be nullptred warning

Whenever I load a specific blueprint in my project I get the following warning:

LogProperty: Warning: Serialized Class /Script/Engine.CameraComponent for a property of Class /Script/Engine.PlayerCameraManager. Reference will be nullptred.
    Property = ObjectProperty /Script/Engine.PlayerController:PlayerCameraManager
    Item = CameraComponent /Game/Blueprints/EchoStar/Utility/EchoStarPlayerController.Default__EchoStarPlayerController_C:PlayerCamera

This blueprint is a child of a class I declare in code, the PlayerCamera property is declared and created in the parent class’s constructor.

I’d prefer not to have any warnings whatsoever but I have no idea what this is even telling me (other than that it’s going to set my PlayerCamera property to null), much less how I would go about fixing it. I searched around and found Warning reference will be nullptred bug - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums but that’s specifically about hot reloading so it doesn’t appear to be the same issue. Anyone have any ideas about this?