Reducing system requirements for end users

Is there an option available for reducing system requirements for game players on PCs?

A lot of the system requirements depends on what you do in the engine–for example high geometry resolutions, high numbers of objects, post process effects, etc.

So, basically if you set up a game with low poly and few graphics affects, something that looks like old shaiya, warcraft, or lineage 2, older computers should be able to handle it? I wasn’t sure if the engine could go retro, but figured it must be possible if it can make phone games.

The things you create either work on toast machines or high end monsters. It’s all up to you. Unreal is used to create games for phones etc aswell so.

There’s still some minimum stuff, like DirectX11, but I can say that it is difficult to find all of the settings that affect performance in UE4. By default, many things are enabled and a lot of settings are in different locations or not even available in the UI.

The engine itself can also be scaled (independent of your game content) to target lower end machines, or allow the end user to adjust performance settings to their system.

Here are a couple guides/references on engine scaling, and general performance tips:

and this is the broader section that goes over how to measure the performance of your game:

Thanks for the information
I’m looking through it now.