Reducing NetUpdateFrequency for NPCs

Hello, I use the default value for the NetUpdateFrequency (100) for the player character and NPCs.
NPC seem to be consuming a lot of the network traffic and I reduced it to 30 for testing purposes and the
results were really good, network traffic is displaying numbers that are reasonable for my project.

Looking at legacy code (Unreal Tournament3), I noticed you use same NetUpdateFrequency for bots and player characters.
Would this mean that I am probably misconfiguring the navigation mesh?

Any recommendations, hints I should look on the NPCs?
Should I really consider reducing NetUpdateFrequency as a possible solution? NPCs don’t look choppy or lagging,
still I believe there must be a wrong configuration on my side by comparing with the UT legacy code.

Thanks you.

Hey @isaacvega, did you ever make progress on this?